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Boosting container recycling in Queensland

We upped recycling rates in Queensland by targeting our media and message at key districts and focusing on the state’s biggest annual event.

Sector: ScienceBrand:COEX, Australia


COEX is the not-for-profit organisation created to run the Containers for Change scheme in Queensland. Its focus is on reducing beverage container litter by increasing recycling efforts.

Queenslanders use 3bn containers per year and while 90% have good intentions to recycle, the reality is that 55% suffer from recycling apathy.
Our challenge was to turn intent into action by showing them how they could transform their trash and even make money from it.


Queensland is a big place and recycling rates vary dramatically across the state. Our media and message needed to be personalised by area. We created a bespoke postcode recycling score using first party data and tailored communications to each area. Priority districts would see more programmatic CTV, Online Video and Audio Streaming.

Then we took advantage of Queensland’s biggest annual event, The Ekka or Royal National Agricultural Show. We partnered with the state’s #1 radio station to create a fun experience to educate visitors on the benefits of the COEX scheme. We also educated younger audiences on TikTok on how to turn their trash into cash, while messages on podcasts helped normalise recycling.


We boosted recycling rates across the state in record numbers. Awareness increased to 83%, with a 4% increase in container volumes recycled year on year, a 6% rise in transactions and a 51% boost to scheme sign ups.

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