Dell’s new IT Squad

We recreated Reddit conversations to rebuild trust with IT decision-makers using a cartoon series to promote Dell’s solutions to real world IT concerns.

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The decision-makers who sign off IT purchases don’t trust IT providers. They believe that companies like Dell care more about selling than understanding the real needs of their customers.

Our challenge was to frame the business case for Dell’s products in a way that would be compelling for IT business decision-makers and demonstrate that Dell was truly focused on their needs.


We made a potentially boring subject entertaining via a comedy series based on real IT community insights taken from Reddit.

Our cartoon series, The IT Squad, featured Ryan and Bryan on a mission to solve the most pressing I.T. problems of the day, as defined by the hottest trending topics on Reddit.

The comedy caper was backed up with deep dives into Dell’s solutions. The company’s real-life IT Squad hosted tech influencers on Reddit Talks and Ask Me Anything sessions.


The show quickly gathered millions of fans and became a hit series, attracting 72 million impressions and counting.

Demonstrating that we understood the real needs of IT decision makers also transformed our trust levels. Follower numbers rose by more than 1000% and independent research showed that brand credibility rose by more than 200 times.

Bryan and Ryan will be back for a second series later this year.