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Development of a Consumer-Centric Digital Ecosystem for Stiftelsen Norsk Mat

Stiftelsen Norsk Mat (SNM) needed improved digital visibility and information sharing. EssenceMediacom led the development of seven new websites, tailored to current technology and consumer behavior. Thorough analysis and interdisciplinary collaboration were key. The result was modern websites that increased visibility and user experience, strengthening organizational pride.

Sector: FoodBrand:Stiftelsen Norsk Mat

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  • Norway
Image of devices showing the webpage of Stiftelsen Norsk Mat


Imperative Digital Visibility for Information and Knowledge Dissemination.

Stiftelsen Norsk Mat (SNM) is an autonomous entity committed to enhancing diversity, quality, and value creation within Norwegian food production. The organization encompasses a network of stakeholders and administers three hallmark schemes that assure consumers of the food's provenance and quality: "Nyt Norge," "Beskyttede betegnelser," and "Spesialitet." Currently, the "Nyt Norge" mark graces approximately 5,000 Norwegian food products.

Information dissemination, knowledge sharing, and maintaining relevance are at the core of the mandate, with a significant focus on leveraging digital channels, particularly search engines. Consequently, their websites play a pivotal role in ensuring visibility. It is crucial that these platforms consistently adhere to best practices in an environment characterized by intense competition for consumer attention, pervasive informational noise, and algorithms that largely dictate visibility parameters.


A Modern Digital Ecosystem Aligned with Cutting-Edge Technology

Creative Futures, an advertising agency under EssenceMediacom, has been at the forefront and responsible for the execution and project management of seven websites for the Norwegian Food Foundation:

In the process of constructing these new websites from the ground up, optimized for current algorithms, technology, and consumer behavior, it was also critical to incorporate successful elements from previous iterations, particularly in terms of content and user experience. Such a migration project necessitates extensive insights and analytics to discern effective strategies, identify obsolete practices, and prioritize initiatives that align with business objectives moving forward. During this endeavor, we have also employed advanced technologies, including AI-driven tools for textual analysis and data visualization tools to design Norwegian agriculture statistics.

The key to success in this undertaking was a cross-disciplinary and ego-free collaboration across various relevant domains; content, technology, data, and media. We assembled teams composed of content advisors, project managers, creative directors, tracking and website analytics specialists, and consultants for SEO and customer experience (CX). These professionals worked in concert with our external development partner (Dekode) across all websites. We have also ensured a strategic integration of content with media purchasing within this solution.

As a result, the Stiftelsen Norsk Mat now boasts state-of-the-art websites that have significantly enhanced visibility, user engagement, and organizational pride.