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To address the challenge of communicating DTU’s tagline ‘Technology for people’ in a way that appeals to female students, we developed the concept ‘It's Us’. This concept gave voice to the students and highlighted both their academic achievements and the community at DTU. The results showed a significantly positive reception and improved perception of DTU among the target audience.

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DTU Case


DTU’s tagline 'Technology for People' defines the ambition to innovate and develop technology for everyone. However, there is a need for a communication strategy that can bridge the gap between the individual and their needs and DTU’s educational programs, as well as resonate more with prospective female students.


To address this challenge, we created the concept: ‘It’s Us’ - an agile concept that gives a voice to the students at DTU, highlighting both their concrete academic achievements and the sense of solidarity when someone struggles with mathematics. ‘It’s Us’ forms the framework for a community, both inside and outside the classroom.



The concept and its launch in connection with Open House received a very positive reception, with campaign evaluations and changes in perception towards DTU and their Open House rated well above the benchmark. Additionally, 70% of the overall target group rated the Brand Universe as good/very good (benchmark 40%), and 44% of the target group said that the Brand Universe positively influenced their impression of DTU (benchmark 28%). There was also an equal distribution of engagement between males and females with the campaign, which had previously primarily appealed to men aged 18-25. Furthermore, there is an increased tendency among the female target group to watch the content to the end. Lastly, the campaign performed better than the GROUPM benchmark on several parameters such as CPV, CPM, VTR, and CTR. (A benchmark sheet for DTU has not yet been created as the data foundation is still too weak.)