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Fagskulen Vestland in new and modern attire

Creative Futures has developed a new graphic profile, logo, and communication concept for Fagskulen Vestland.

Sector: GovernmentBrand:Fagskulen Vestland


New and modern communication adapted to today's candidates and society.

Fagskulen Vestland offers higher vocational education and is part of the Vestland County Municipality. Fagskulen needed to clarify the difference between education at secondary school and higher vocational education. Fagskulen is also relatively unknown, and few are aware of the educations the school offers. Therefore, it was decided that a new graphic profile, logo, and communication concept should be developed for Fagskulen. Creative Futures, the advertising agency for EssenceMediacom, was awarded the task. The goal of the assignment was to clarify the sender, streamline communication, and create valuable associations.


Reach new heights with higher vocational education!

Together with Fagskulen Vestland, we embarked on an extensive process to revitalize the entire brand. We worked closely with professionals at Fagskulen and ensured involvement and anchoring throughout the process. The local aspect has been important throughout the project and in the solution:

  • They stand out as the only vocational school in the country that proudly bears its name in Nynorsk, hence a recognizable U-icon, as a symbol of the school's roots and strong connection to the region

  • The new logo also consists of abstract fjords and sharp, high mountain peaks, and it also represents F, for Fagskulen

  • Fagskulen Vestland is Norway's largest maritime vocational school, and the main colors therefore reflect the fjord, from light to dark blue

The communication concept is based on the brand platform of Fagskulen. The platform points in a clear direction with the brand promise: a short path to the competence Vestland needs. Therefore, the communication concept is precisely about taking your next step at Fagskulen Vestland. Here you get an education with a short path to the knowledge the labor market needs. You can challenge yourself with theory and practice. Collaboration with local industry and workplaces is in our nature, so you will gain professional competence with good future prospects.

A cross-disciplinary team has been in action throughout the project to tie strategy, insight, creativity, and media together, and the first campaign is already underway with the new expression! Fagskulen Vestland is left with a modern communication platform that will contribute to increased visibility and market relevance, and not least, internal pride in the organization!