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How we developed a playful Nordic concept for a taboo subject

Discover how we transformed a sensitive issue into a playful conversation with ForlaxGO. Our innovative approach challenges norms and encourages open dialogue, making constipation relief more accessible and approachable than ever before.

Sector: MedicineBrand:Navamedic
Laptop, iPad, and mobile displaying a case study from Navamedic.


ForlaxGO (from Navamedic) is a product for constipation and was launched in 2022. There is very high competition in this category, both at the product level and visibility in pharmacies. Insights tell us that constipation and sluggish digestion occur regularly in a large portion of the population, but far too few talk about it or seek any form of treatment. Constipation can be related to stress, travel, pregnancy, and new routines in daily life – thus a complex picture. ForlaxGO aims to take a position in the Nordics as the preferred product in the category by lowering the barriers to talk about it, but also to increase understanding of the simplicity of good treatment. 


We developed a playful and unpretentious concept that would both launch the product and demystify the topic. The concept was primarily intended to showcase the new product so that it becomes known and tried by the target group. Visually, this was the main focus, while we also wanted to break away from the category with color, language, and creative use of animation. We also worked closely with other Nordic markets to ensure cultural relevance around the topic, good and playful language, and above all, to coordinate media and advertising releases given the media landscape in the respective countries.

We worked integrated with media and content throughout. The concept was "digital first," with social media and online video as the foundation. The creative team worked closely with media specialists from idea and sketches to concept development and completion. We are convinced that the best communication solutions are found at the intersection of media, content, and technology; to trigger media creativity and stand out in a jungle of increasing speed and noise.

The campaign has been live in the Nordics since the summer of 2023, and the product has received a good reception in the market!