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Ozworld showcases the metaverse

Ozworld reached out to GenZ and showed them the true power and potential of the metaverse, boosting perceptions of adidas Originals.

Sector: ShoesBrand:adidas
Adidas Ozworld campaign image.


Our goal was to drive perceptions of adidas Originals as a digital and cultural innovator using the new Ozworld sneaker collection as our hero product.

With the world entering a new era of fearless creative exploration via the metaverse, we had a unique opportunity to win brand cred with the coveted GenZ demographic, global gatekeepers for what’s cool in streetwear, gaming, music, art and pop-culture.


Gen-Z are the most fluid generation ever, with 1-in-3 preferring their life online. Yet options are limited in the metaverse to uniquely express one’s true self, restricted to generic platform standards.

Working with Fortnite, Tencent, Ready Player Me and Jam 3, we created immersive experiences within which GenZ and creators could create their own unique avatars, transferable across thousands of metaverse destinations. Virtual festivals, custom maps and bespoke games enabled users to showcase their true selves, broadcasted back out to the real world.


We hit 642m impressions and boosted brand affinity by 11 points. The uniquely-you avatar generator created more than 10M avatars.

Users even started selling their own avatars as NFTs (spiking adidas’ NFT price by 162%).

adidas Original’s share of search increased five-fold on Baidu and by 57% on Google as purchase intent rose by between 9 and 16% and converted into real sales, delivering an ROI of 303%.