Pokémon P25 Music

To celebrate Pokémon’s 25th-anniversary we created a virtual concert experience headlined by music icon, Post Malone. Converting music fans into Pokémon fans and reaching #1 in the charts.

Image of the virtual Pokemon X Post Malone Concert


In line with parent company Mars’ sustainability goals, Sheba has pledged to make a difference by going beyond just sourcing sustainable ingredients to actively restoring ocean health - to ensure the cats of the future can still enjoy fish.


We partnered with another 25-year-old force of pop culture, Post Malone, as he dropped a cover of the 25-year-old hit, Only Want To Be With You, by Hootie and The Blowfish, mixed with the soundtrack from the Pokémon video games.

Then, on February 27, better known as Pokémon Day, millions of music fans and Pokemon fans alike from around the world tuned in for a stunning virtual concert experience, featuring a motion-capture version of the real Post Malone along with 30 iconic Pokémon.


The results of the concert speak for themselves. Watch the video below.