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SK-II vs. The Kaiju

Bringing together world-renowned filmmakers, animators, musicians and content creators, SK-II tackled social pressures impacting women.

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Campaign image of SKII vs Kaiju


SK-II is a Japanese-born global skincare brand committed to helping women change their destinies. When the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were rescheduled to 2021, SK-II had to adapt to the new circumstances and a changed world, taking the “Change Destiny” journey on a new route. Expectations on women were even more intense as they had to balance work and family, juggling working from home with homeschooling their kids. SK-II had to help women stand up to the external pressures they experience daily, which had become more intense during COVID-19.


For Tokyo 2021, we created an anthology of films starring six of the world’s most famous female athletes. The “VS” series inspired women to take charge of their own destiny via episodes interpreting the personal journeys of six SK-II sponsored Olympic athletes changing their destiny.

In addition, we also launched a unique digital experience “SK-II City”. As the world could not visit Tokyo to witness the Olympics, we brought Tokyo to the world to discover the enchanting world of SK-II, inspired by Tokyo’s Iconic Shibuya Crossing. At SK-II city, you can watch the “VS” Series in our Virtual Cinema Hall as well as take a Backstage Tour where you go behind the scenes and witness the making of “VS” Series.


SK-II’s Olympic campaign proved its deep cultural relevance in an unplanned way when gymnast Simone Biles, captured the world’s attention upon withdrawing from Olympic competitions due to mental-health issues.

Touching the hearts of millions worldwide, “Vs.” became the most successful #ChangeDestiny Campaign of all time, amassing 1.4 billion views globally, enjoying overwhelming positive consumer sentiment (99%) and outstanding engagement from consumers.

Watch the video below to experience how we took women’s sports sponsorship to another level.