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Paradigm: A groundbreaking solution in digital marketing, redefining the way media buying is optimized and delivering significant savings and insights.

Sector: RetailBrand:Specsavers
Specsavers case


We had to create a solution for tracking the performance of digital media data to meet the technical restrictions and political demands that have tightened in recent years.


Along with Acceleration, we developed Paradigm which is Spacsavers’ new digital attribution and optimization tool, independent of cookies. Paradigm optimizes budget allocation and campaign pacing based on performance insights through direct API integrations with various online advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, Google Display, and Video 360.


The test results showed a 16% decrease in the Cost per Acquisition for the conversion event throughout the testing period. Annually, it could save Specsavers 3.100.000 DKK in media spend across social media programmatic video & display and paid media. Reinvesting the saved media spend in the same media groups could result in increased revenue by 22,800,000 DKK in Denmark and 108,000,000 in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Holland which are markets Specsavers wishes to access.