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Uber hijacks primetime

We are cover France’s biggest ad break to remind people that Uber Eats was the place to order a takeaway and showcased its non-takeaway offer.

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The cost-of-living crisis was challenging for Uber Eats, takeaway delivery was falling, and consumers weren’t always aware of the full range of products on offer. Our brief was to make more people aware that Uber Eats could deliver across a range of verticals, including grocery, to boost midweek usage. We also needed to stop them from feeling bad about using the platform because while many wanted to try and preserve their standard of living, they also felt bad when using delivery apps.


We knew that consumers were watching less linear TV and paying less attention in ad breaks due to multiscreening but films on Sunday evening were still a key moment, attracting a strong weekly audience.

We hijacked the Sunday film on TF1 – France’s biggest TV station – to create a unique ad break.

Our messages – told through a series of on-screen notifications and ads celebrating the full range of brands that we could bring to their door – featured the sound of notifications to catch the attention of viewers, even those who weren’t directly in front of the screen.


Four million people saw Uber Eats notifications popping up in Oasis, Carte Noire, Burger King, Extrême, Free and Celio TV ads on TF1 during prime time.

Downloads doubled in the following 24hrs as top-of-mind awareness (62%, +7pp YoY), unaided brand awareness (79%, +5pp YoY) and preference (69%, +4pp YoY) all reached record levels.

Awareness of new verticals among the general population is up 12 points year-on-year to 36% and usage is up seven points year-on-year.