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1000 Breakthroughs - When EssenceMediacom UK Met Adam Alter

EssenceMediacom UK have unveiled “1000 Breakthroughs” – a bold challenge and collective aspiration to each contribute to at least one breakthrough over the course of this year.

For us, a breakthrough means breaking the mould, cutting through category clutter, and creating competitive advantage for us and for the brands we work with.

At the core of our business lies a foundation built on data and technology, built for people and algorithms, built around diverse capability, and built to test and learn at scale. For all of this to continually evolve, we need breakthroughs in every single area of our business. And though 1000 may seem a lot, EssenceMediacom and EssenceMediacomX are already bursting at the seams with creative solutions, innovative thinking, and personal achievements that spark significant transformations.

When we create breakthroughs for our clients, we’re not just helping them keep pace; we’re helping them set the pace. 

To kickstart this initiative, EssenceMediacom UK had the pleasure of hosting Adam Alter, the esteemed author of ‘Anatomy of a Breakthrough' – an insightful guide to breaking down the problem and working towards an innovative solution. In a compelling discussion with our Joint Chief Strategy Officer, Geoff de Burca, Adam delved into how our people can unlock their potential and foster a culture of breakthrough thinking.

Catch the full conversation below.