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'Breakthrough' with Josh Gallagher - Challenge. Create. Succeed.

In this new series, we ask our people to define what 'Breakthrough' means to them, both from a career standpoint and a personal note.

The first issue features Josh Gallagher, APAC COO, EssenceMediacom.

What does ‘breakthrough’ mean to you?

A breakthrough in areas that aren’t just new but intentional in overcoming a significant challenge are the most admired. They aren’t just sudden bursts of energy. The hard work in improving, crafting over time, or generating genuine purpose provides a more significant and sustainable leap forward.

What’s been the most inspiring personal breakthrough in your life?

It is a little low key, but my personal breakthrough is finally appreciating the need to find some space in what is generally a hectic, and consuming, life. Realising that I need to actually create time to look after my physical and mental health has been super important. This is why I run.

What was the breakthrough moment in your career?

Moving countries had a huge impact on my career. Not only did it give me genuine perspective, work with a diverse set of people and give me more exposure, but I realised that I had been in a ‘comfortable rut’ for a while. My advice to people is always “be brave and take the opportunity”.

Tell us about a piece of work you were involved with that you would define as a breakthrough.

When I worked with a car brand over 10 years ago, we instigated live streaming music concerts before it was happening at scale. While it may not have felt like it at the time, giving people a new, accessible way to view live entertainment was a great achievement. As a lover of live music, it was not only a project of passion, it had a lasting impact.

What breakthrough in this industry - achieved by someone else - do you really admire? What do you admire about it?

Anyone who has been brave enough to start their own agency to really create something unique. Think Naked. From a personal perspective, to go out on your own (or with a few others) takes a breakthrough attitude. From a professional point of view, while it may not have lasted, it really pushed everyone else to be better.