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'Breakthrough' with Justin White - Adaptability. Advancement. Well-being.

In this new series, we ask our people to define what 'Breakthrough' means to them, both from a career standpoint and a personal note.

This issue features Justin White, Chief Operating Officer, EssenceMediacom US.

What does ‘breakthrough’ mean to you?

When we unlock something that accelerates or disproportionally benefits our clients’ business. It can be something new. It can be something better. It can be simple and singular. But a true breakthrough’s impact is positively outsized for our clients.

What’s been the most inspiring personal breakthrough in your life?

Recognising the important role that exercise and sport play in my mental health.

What was the breakthrough moment in your career?

I’ve been fortunate to have a number of fantastic roles; leading clients, capabilities, new business, operations and commercial functions. I’ve lived in four different countries in the last 20 years. The common thread across all of these opportunities has been saying “yes” to anything that sounds interesting.

Tell us about a piece of work you were involved with that you would define as a breakthrough.

Years ago, when I was leading the global Heineken business and living in Amsterdam, we had an incredibly effective IAT that came up with Share The Sofa, which was a Twitter-led piece of work to promote Heineken’s Champions League sponsorship. It had great content, was platform specific, scaled across markets and, most importantly, delivered great results around consideration and purchase intent. It was proper breakthrough work.

What breakthrough in this industry - achieved by someone else - do you really admire?

What do you admire about it? I really like the John West Salmon Bear Fight ad from c.2000. It was the early days of the Internet and it was everywhere. It still makes me laugh.