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Cover image of EssenceMediacom gender pay gap report

EssenceMediacom has published its UK Gender Pay Gap Report for 2022

The 2022 report is based on data prior to the EssenceMediacom merger, so we have reported separately for EssenceMediacom (Mediacom UK) and EMX (Essence UK).

Because EssenceMediacom had two legal entities: MediaCom Holdings and MediaCom North, we reported statutory information in this way, however, in the report, you will also be able to see the data and information for our London office.

For MediaCom, this shows a consolidated median pay gap of 9.5% (vs 4% in 2021) and a mean pay gap of 22.7% (vs 31.4% in 2021).

For Essence, this shows a median pay gap of 17.3% (vs 16.8% in 2021) and mean pay gap of 23.1% (vs 14.7% in 2021)

Developing a diverse and inclusive organisation remains a key priority for us at EssenceMediacom UK. We will continue to build on this by focusing on initiatives specifically targeted at closing our gender pay gap and overall diversity in our business.

Access the 2022 Mediacom gender pay gap report

Access the 2022 Essence gender pay gap report