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Image Telenor and Widerøe

Telenor and Widerøe had the most to cheer about in the Advertising Exchange for February.

While Arnfinn and Arnhild secured the overall victory for Telenor, a group of travel-ready nonagenarians ensured that Widerøe charmed the most in this year's second Advertising Exchange. Behind the dominant winners, there was an unusually long way down to the rest of the field, where we found one of the least attention-driving films in the history of the Advertising Exchange, as well as several films with an unusually high number of "dislikes".

Round's Overall Winner – Positive Brand Awareness TELENOR (Digital Intrusion, images): 26% With the highest pressure, clearly the highest and most effective attention, and the strongest branding, no one came close to Telenor overall in the Advertising Exchange for February, even though they only took 2nd place in liking behind Widerøe. The film shares several scenes with the digital intrusion film from 2023, which likely contributed to the high attention, but the film scores stronger than the "original" both in attention, branding, and liking. Congratulations to Telenor!

Round's Winner – Advertising Attention TELENOR (Digital Intrusion, images): 68% The film ran with the highest media pressure and shared several scenes with the digital intrusion film from 2023, which undoubtedly contributed to Telenor's unrivaled attention in February.

Round's Winner – Efficiency TELENOR (Digital Intrusion, images): TF 1.4 Despite the highest pressure and thus clearly the highest frequency, it was Telenor that also delivered the most effective attention relative to the pressure in February. Part of the explanation likely lies in the fact that the film builds on one from 2023, but an established concept and positive liking also contribute to the effective attention.

Round's Winner – Branding TELENOR (Digital Intrusion, images): 86% With an established concept, Telenor's film is also the one that most believe is easy to associate with the right sender.

As with attention and liking, the branding is also stronger than when we measured its predecessor in May 2023.

Round's Winner – Liking WIDERØE (The Escape from the Nursing Home): 42% Widerøe is celebrating its 90th anniversary and is offering free flights to all co-celebrants born in 1934 (around 10,000 people). Such an offer could lead to chaotic conditions in the country's nursing homes, as illustrated in the film that is the clear winner in liking for the month. Strong liking across segments, even though the film is actually beaten by Telenor in the oldest segment.

Other films worth commenting on:

GSK (Shingles) There are many available means to communicate a message. In this film, GSK tries to get particularly people over 50 to consult a doctor about a potential problem (shingles) they didn't know they had. The message does not seem to be particularly well received, and with a weak link to the sender GSK, very few are left with the impression of having seen an advertisement from GSK, and even fewer liked the film.

re:member (It’s a credit card): re:member, ITs a credit card likely had this round's simplest and clearest message, and for a relatively unknown brand (52 percent had no impression of re:member), the branding is probably "as good as it gets." However, the film can be described as somewhat peculiar, and unfortunately, 40 percent think they like this film less than other commercials, while only 8 percent like it more. It doesn't help much that the film actually hits quite well with the writer.