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An image of Vincent Rebeix holding a mic at the EssenceMediacom panel on Generative AI at Cannes

The AI & Data Innovation Showcase

The Cannes Essentials - The AI & Data Innovation Showcase

There are clear benefits from AI but you also need a plan to make it add value, said Vincent Rebeix, EssenceMediacom’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer.

The key questions should be to ask what impact it could have, why does it work and what else could or should we do either as well or instead?

Speaking alongside leaders from Microsoft and The Weather Channel, Vincent said the critical question is: how does AI enable us to do a given task, faster and quicker, better and cheaper?

One example of where AI can deliver real benefits is the work EssenceMediacom has done with Google Cloud to match every creative asset used in the UK with GroupM spend and brand tracking data on a daily basis.

Applying machine learning has created a new source of insight, enabling brands to learn the likelihood of their creative driving brand impact. Adding AI means we can now spread those learnings across all our clients.

The result is a single dashboard solution with all insights scored on their likelihood to drive action or sales.

What this means is that clients can select their category, analyse it via the competition to find the most impactful creative and a meta-analysis of high performing creatives.