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Are you going to the Trend Seminar this year?


The Trend Seminar 2024 will enlighten you on how consumers perceive themselves and the world. Join us in Aarhus or Copenhagen to learn more about the four trends: Do Not Disturb, Climate Burnout, Golden Generation, and Next Gen Creators. Join us on May 14th in Aarhus or May 16th in Copenhagen.


May 14th in Aarhus 

May 16th i København  - UDSOLGT

8:30-9:00 AM: Welcome and breakfast

9:00-11:00 AM: Trends & Talk

May 16th i København  EKSTRA

Experience the four new trends

Trend #1 Do Not Disturb

The everyday life is digital - to such an extent that we have started to challenge digitization and yearn for a break. But how does your brand reach consumers if they turn off the screen?

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Trend #2 Climate Burnout

Climate change is one of our biggest concerns. But living climate-friendly is challenging. What can your brand do to help consumers and win a place in the hearts of the climate-conscious?

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Trend #3 Golden Generation

We are getting older and older. But we don't slow down just because age increases - and that places new demands on brands that want to be in tune with the golden generation.

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Trend #4 Next Gen Creators

Influencers - creators - are today's superstars. And especially the youth have great trust in them. How should your brand work with influencers in a future characterized by new niches and AI?

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If you are unable to attend, please send an email to [email protected] ✉️.


Trend Seminar 2024 is free of charge.

Parking in Copenhagen:

There is no parking available at EssenceMediacom, but we recommend parking in the surrounding streets, such as Strandlodsvej or in front of the Telia building on Holmbladsgade.

Parking in Aarhus

There is no parking available at Centralværkstedet, but we recommend parking at Q-Park near Frederiks Plads or at Comwell.


Do you have any questions about Trend Seminar 2024, registration, or the four trends? Then write to us at [email protected] ✉️.