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Uncovering Chinese Consumers’ Diverse Perceptions of Quality of Life

MediaCom China has released the white paper Moving Up in which the agency delves into the changing perceptions of a high quality of life in the minds of Chinese consumers and advises on how marketers should seize opportunities to help consumers achieve their aspirations.

As unprecedented economic, societal, and cultural shifts continue to reshape people’s values, attitudes, behaviours, and preferences, MediaCom aims to inspire marketers to capture an outsize share of the emerging growth dividends with new offerings and communications to meet new needs and wants.

The report’s findings are drawn from original research: MediaCom identified 6 major consumer cohorts that illustrate and influence the changes underway and conducted 37 one-on-one in-depth interviews in 12 locations across city tiers to paint their rich and nuanced portraits. In doing so, “Moving Up” uncovers a changing and diversifying concept of a high-quality life among Chinese consumers with major implications for how they make choices today and well into the future.

In the midst of change, it’s crucial for marketers to take a step back and understand what consumers really want out of life. This report goes beyond mere facts and figures to provide meaningful and surprising insights into consumers’ motivations, aspirations, and challenges.

Meha Verghese Growth and Innovation Lead, EssenceMediacom China (Editor-in-Chief, The Bigger Picture)

By speaking directly with consumers from different walks of life, we were able to decode the common building blocks of a high-quality life while also revealing important differences between consumer groups’ mindsets and behaviors and the implications they hold for marketers. Bonnie Hu Communications Director, EssenceMediacom China (“Moving Up” report author)

This article originally appeared on the MediaCom website in October 2022.