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WPP Open X and Minute Maid get consumers doing the talking with real-time data-driven experience!

In summer 2023, Chinese consumers continued seeking to connect with the great outdoors. Our research showed since 2022 a six-fold increase in searches for "picnic" and "camping".

As consumers wanted to connect with nature, Minute Maid, as the #1 ready-to-drink juice brand in China, wanted to connect with them.

The aim was to bring Minute Maid’s 0-sugar sparkling juice drink to outdoor enthusiast’s lips – literally and figuratively! We wanted our campaign to offer consumers a refreshing taste of nature with every sip - and importantly, to spark engaged conversations and powerful user generated content (UGC).Basically, we wanted to let consumers do the talking to drive a strong and authentic association between Minute Maid’s 0-sugar sparkling juice and the appeal of "camping" and pleasures of nature.

To bring this vision to life, WPP Open X, led by EssenceMediacom with Ogilvy Social, collaborated with the Alibaba ecosystem to create an immersive camping experience, from content show, coupon redemption, social engagement, and offline experience, fully integrating both online and offline.

Minute Maid partnered with Youku platform (under Alibaba) to create a camping variety show - "The Coral Sea Campground", a show that perfectly resonated with the growing interest in camping. And to put the cherry on top, we turned a generic sponsorship into two-way conversations with our target consumers. We teamed up with Ogilvy Social to use a proprietary real time social monitoring tool to listen to the buzz around the show and the castings - and used the data insights to inform the amplification content on our social account. This sparked conversations with consumers, helped us to increase engagement with fans, created tons of UGC and recruited new fans.

Furthermore, we brought the nature from the show to the consumers by creating pop-up camping booths in 17 cities…moving beyond the screens…and invited our fans and consumers to experience nature in reality - even though it was in a crowded & fast-paced city. And they loved it!

The results were astounding:

Our strategy of intertwining Minute Maid's sparkling juice with the allure of camping resonated deeply with target consumers. The brand not only expanded its market share but also emerged as a rising star in the 0-sugar flavor sparkling water category. This success story is a testament to the magic that unfolds when a brand truly listens to its consumers and crafts a strategy that dances to their rhythm.

  • The 《Coral Sea Campground》had 650 million views and as the trend anticipated, above the original viewership forecast

  • 65% of viewers reported a newfound love for Minute Maid’s 0-sugar sparkling juice.

  • Social media engagement soared 5.6 times above the market benchmark, and CPE improved by 79%.

  • The Youku partnership activated Ali O2O channels, boosting monthly GMV by 44%.

  • Year-on-year shipment sales skyrocketed by 92%.

“I'm thrilled with the success of this campaign. We tapped into our urban consumers' desire for nature, and it paid off. Our strategic collaborations with Alibaba significantly increased our reach and engagement. The results speak for themselves. Moreover, most importantly, this success has set a new benchmark for us, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and connect with our consumers in meaningful ways.” - Amy Choi, IMX Lead of Nutrition, The Coca-Cola Company, GC&M

"Minute Maid's sparkling campaign has truly set a new standard by being the first to adopt the Social Marketing Engine (SME) from WPP. This tool has allowed us to optimize the campaign in real-time, leading to a significant increase in consumer engagement and a high level of social buzz. It's been a rewarding experience to help amplify this buzz and witness the growing love for the Minute Maid brand.” – Remington Ji, Head of Content Force, Ogilvy China

“We're proud to have strategically contributed to Minute Maid's campaign, leveraging data insights to tap into Chinese consumers' desire for nature. This collaboration ignited the innovative idea of creating an immersive experience. Our unique approach not only strengthened the bond between the brand and its consumers but also provided a real-life camping experience, successfully actualizing the brand's vision.” – Yuening Ko, E2E Lead of Nutrition, WPP Open X, GC&M

WPP Open X is the dedicated agency for The Coca-Cola Company, which combines the scale and agility of the entire WPP network, supercharging creativity and acting as a multiplier for change and growth.