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Minute Maid taps into cultural pride

In 2024, Minute Maid (MM) established a clear growth priority, to penetrate rural areas in Mainland China. This strategic move proved to be a game-changer and broke the rural internet!

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Minute Maid (MM) aimed to penetrate rural areas in Mainland China in 2024, targeting growth amidst a challenging market where urban sales slightly declined. The Chinese New Year (CNY), a critical festival in China, presented an opportunity and a challenge due to the intense competition and the fading memory of local traditions among the rural populace.


To leverage this challenge, Minute Maid and WPP Open X, led by EssenceMediacom, positioned Minute Maid as a cultural ambassador, focusing on reviving and showcasing local folk customs and traditions. The idea was to launch a “Hometown Folk Flavor” competition, utilizing Kuaishou, a popular short video platform in rural areas, to encourage users to share and celebrate their unique local customs and traditions.


EssenceMediacom China, supported by Ogilvy Shanghai and Ogilvy Content Force, initiated the campaign with a viral video titled "Just LOVE This Flavor", featuring popular rapper 宝石 Gem, appealing to the rural demographic. This was followed by a live-streaming contest where representatives from 17 counties showcased their folk performances in events organized by Minute Maid at rural retail locations. Winners were then featured in a “Village Gala Banquet” at the UNESCO site, Shengwu Tower, broadcasted nationwide, highlighting cultural gems like the Qinhuai Lantern Festival and Huangmei Opera.


The campaign was a monumental success:

  • Views of video “Just LOVE This Flavor” on Kuaishou captivated 22.2 million views, 35% above the norm

  • The campaign engaged 110 million on Weibo, marking a 183% increase in typical platform engagement

  • Consumer consideration for Minute Maid soared to 79%

  • The live-streaming contest witnessed an 18% audience engagement rate, six times the platform's average

  • The CNY Gala attracted 35 million viewers, setting a Kuaishou record

This strategic approach not only reinforced cultural pride but also positioned Minute Maid as a key player in the celebration of CNY across rural China, achieving significant brand recognition and consumer engagement.

Campaign Statistics

22.2 million

Video views of "Just love this flavour"

110 million

people engaged on Weibo

35 million

views of the CNY Gala, setting a Kuaishou record