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2 green guys won the Advertising Exchange for March

While the overall victory went to Omo, for the second month in a row, a 90-year-old, this time Solo, was most liked. While most remembered having seen the Cohabitant film by IKEA.

Overall round winner – Positive brand awareness OMO (Enzymes that eat bobbles): 20% "Enzymes that eat bobbles" sing Tore and Kjell to explain how Omo Cotton Miracle revives the colors. With an established concept of cloth doll characters from Østfold and a clear and simple message on repeat, Omo managed the feat of climbing to the top overall in the Advertising Exchange for March with a 15-second commercial. Well done, and we will likely see more of these in the future. Or as they say themselves: Prekæs!

Congratulations to Omo!

Round winner – Advertising awareness IKEA (Cohabitants): 59% The film had the highest media pressure by far and also had the longest average. Such should almost guarantee a victory in attention, and indeed it did for IKEA in the Advertising Exchange for March.

Round winner Efficiency GJENSIDIGE (Dividend, Hair): TF 1.8 The film had the lowest TV pressure of the round, which likely contributed to a low threshold frequency. The most efficient attention in relation to pressure indicates that the film could have climbed much higher than a 7th place in attention with a bit more TV pressure.

Round winner – BrandingOMO (Enzymes that eat bobbles): 90% An established and super clear concept gave a clear branding victory which again secured the overall victory.

Round winner Liking SOLO (90 years): 35% For the second month in a row, a 90th film is the month's most liked in the Advertising Exchange. Does this the table is set for other 90th anniversaries moving forward? While Widerøe charmed with a group of 90-year-olds, Solo chose a nostalgic look at "the Norwegian" in its 90th-anniversary film. Both worked.

Other films worth a comment:

TINE (Properly) Tine has continued concept that's only one way to do it, and that's properly. While we've previously met the farmer who gets up early to do the job his family has done for generations, this time Tine uses the same language to praise young fathers who work hard for their family (with milk as a natural part of doing it properly). The film aired a bit during the Christmas season and also in March but had moderate pressure which likely contributes to it not reaching the top in the summary.

DANSKE BANK (Negotiate the interest rate): Danske Bank is focused on interest rates. That is, they are focused on you as a customer not having to (need to) negotiate interest rates at Danske Bank since they offer pre-negotiated rates (which likely means they are low).

In January, they offered negotiation tips. Then they ended up last in branding and next to last in both liking and overall. In their latest film, Danske Bank asks you to switch to Danske Bank to avoid having to think about negotiating the interest rate since their rate is pre-negotiated. Whether it's the message (that they don't want to negotiate with you) or due to the creative outputs is unknown, but this time Danske Bank ends up last overall despite a marginally stronger score than last time.