Person playing saxophone with a DJ in the background at an EssenceMediacom event in Cannes 2023

The Cannes Essentials

Last week, a small delegation of Essentials descended on the Cannes Lions Festival for a week of creativity and inspiration.

Here we share the best of the talks that we had the pleasure of participating in.

Brand Perspectives on Performance, Creativity and Change

3 grouped images of the Brand Perspectives on Performance, Creativity and Change EssenceMediacom session in with a mixture of people speaking and watching

This session explored the changing nature of the relationship between brand, performance and creativity.

Brand, Performance & Creativity: Explore the Connection

Redefining Measurement & Optimisation for the Next Era of Marketing

A 3 image banner of the Redefining Measurement EssenceMediacom session - left to right, people clapping, people talking and a woman holding a fan

What gets measured matters, but the challenge is to make sure brands and their agency partners are measuring the right things.

How to make sure you are measuring the right things

The AI & Data Innovation Showcase

A 3 image banner of the AI EssenceMediacom session at Cannes with Vincent Rebeix - left to right, man speaking, people clapping and a man speaking

There are clear benefits from AI but you also need a plan to make it add value, said Vincent Rebeix, EssenceMediacom’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer.

Generative AI: Boost Your Business Value

Purpose and Performance: The Ultimate Balancing Act

Finding the right way to leverage purpose to drive a business forward is a challenge for many marketers and the session on Purpose and Performance: The Ultimate Balancing Act sought out answers from Bayer and Nationwide.

Leverage purpose to drive business growth

Inspiring Inclusivity: Investing in Diversity

The impact that diversity and inclusion can have on the bottom line was celebrated with Danone, Colgate-Palmolive and AARP.

Invest in diversity and boost your bottom line

Creating a Creator Culture

We explored the challenge of creator culture and making it work for brands.

Make creator culture work for your brand

Potential - Measuring What Matters in Culture

Culture is all around us, but how do brands assess what elements matter? This panel explored how brands can best interact with and assess cultural issues.

Can brands deliver cultural impact and great TV at the same time?