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Our Media Predictions for 2024

At the beginning of the year, a team of essentials from across EssenceMediacom UK got together to share their predictions for the year ahead.

Here we share their 8 predictions from you YouTube will challenge Netflix for our attention to the role Generative AI will play in marketing and how TikTok could influence the UK general election.

Prediction 1

This year YouTube will leapfrog Netflix on the big screen at home

Image of a connected tv screen with application screen

Robyn Sumners discusses why she thinks YouTube will beat Netflix for our connected TV attention in 2024.

YouTube vs Netflix

Prediction 2

The New York Times will win its case against OpenAI

Image of stacked newspaper

Geoff de Burca discusses the role AI will play in how we consume news and the importance of trust for both people and brands.

AI vs the News

Prediction 3

Twitter (X) will censor Elon to save itself

Neon sign on wall saying tweet

Richard Kirk explores what the social media platform X needs to do reinvent itself in 2024, and why Elon Musk will play a massive part in its success or failure.

Reinventing the platform formerly known as Twitter

Prediction 4

Digital goes from the most to least consistently measurable form of media due to the decline of third-party cookies

Image of person holding mobile phone with a cookie banner

Discover why Oliver Betts thinks digital will go from the most to least consistently measurable form of media due to the decline of third-party cookies.

The cookie crumbles for digital advertising measurability

Prediction 5

A UK retail media trade body is established, but will exclude Amazon

Image of a paper shopping bag handle

Find out why Claudia Ziegenbein believes 2024 will be the year of ‘retail media collaboration’ and why it will help UK retailers lead in the digital advertising arena.

Establishing a UK retail media trade body

Prediction 6

In 2024, AI will help marketers save millions from streamlined production processes, allowing them to invest more in distribution

Banner image of an editing screen

Tom Curtis explores how Adland is coming to terms with the creative upheaval of AI and how it will streamline advertising production processes.

AI and streamlining advertising production

Prediction 7

The 2024 General election will become known as the TikTok election

Banner image of phone showing TikTok app

Matt Delaney explores why influencers will have a major impact on the 2024 UK General Election.

TikTok and the UK General Election

Prediction 8

In 2024 we will see the biggest year for advertiser-funded programming ever

Remote control pointing at TV screen.

The softening of the TV ad market and the knock-on effect on programme commissioning means rethinking the role of AFP is more crucial than ever.

Can brands deliver cultural impact and great TV at the same time?