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Four consumer trends you need to know in 2023

What is shaping our consumption and habits right now?

Over the past couple of years, Danes have gone through some major behavioural changes. We rarely see consumer behaviour fundamentally changing, but it is now! An uncertain and ever-changing world has impacted consumers’ approach to life and daily routines. This applies to our media habits as well as what we put in our shopping baskets. But it also affects our perception of who we are – and how we are.

This has great significance for the development of the megatrends already present among the population. A number of trends have seen a boost forward and have become even more prevalent, while others have fallen to the back. With this year’s consumer trends, we focus on four currents that brands need to know and address right now.

Trend #1 Manhood

Will your brand contribute to nuancing and destigmatizing what it means to be a man? The struggle for the new male ideal is already in full swing, and new generations of men are looking for a place to fit in. But masculinity has gained many new facets, and the choice is no longer limited to either raw power or gentle sensitivity. Masculinity is no longer either-or. For or against. Masculinity is complex and has many facets. Just like every man. In other words, it’s time to do away with strict ideals and constricting categories. With the sharp distinctions between masculinity and femininity. It is time to set men free. We call this trend: Manhood.

Trend #2 Budgeteers 

81% of Danes worry about their personal finances, and consumers have rediscovered sensibility. Is your brand also capable of financially sustainable thinking?

More than ever, we’re focusing on making our finances sustainable. Crises and rising prices have made it necessary for many Danes to monitor their money and play Tetris with their budgets. More than half hunt for bargains and find cheap alternatives. Keep an eye on their expenses. Drop what is not strictly necessary.

Consumers are struggling, and the path to winning over frugal hearts goes through creativity and communication at eye-level. In 2023, brands must help consumers triumph in the big Game of Budgets. We call this trend: Budgeteers.

Trend #3 Bubble Cultures

85% of all Danes use digital media daily, and digital communities are setting the course for consumption. Can your brand keep up?

New communities and behavioral patterns bloom, and especially the younger generations use digital media platforms as both playground and consumption arena.

They navigate after their own interests and come together over everything from BookTok to gaming and mom-life, in digital communities that are often very specific.

It's bubbling with small and large interest cultures right now. And interests control consumption. Not the other way around. We call this trend: Bubble Cultures.

Trend #4 Me Mindset 

In the wake of a pandemic, war, and climate issues, consumers are yearning for the things that matter most and for the good life. Is your brand ready to help them create it? 

It doesn’t happen often that consumer mentality changes fundamentally. But it’s happening now. The perma-crisis has dug in, and consumers are pushing back. It's no longer about the whole world, but about ourselves. We’ve had it with crisis, and we’ve become news-weary. So we turn our attention inwards. We reflect on life and live in the now. And we spend our energy on self-care, self-improvement, and self-pampering.  

Consumers’ focus has turned from the big world to their own little universe. We call this trend: Me Mindset.  

Do you want to learn more about the four trends or book a lecture?

The Analytics & Insights team at EssenceMediacom Denmark spend every day identifying and understanding patterns in consumers’ behaviour, life and daily routines. They are the team behind the development of our Trendseminar. If you want to book a trend-lecture, or to learn more about trends and our work with target audiences and consumer indexes, please contact Lise Heiselberg, Senior Analytics & Insights Lead, or Jesper Jørgensen, CEO at EssenceMediacom.

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