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Four new consumer trends for 2022

Trend Seminar 2022

This year, we once again hosted the annual Trend Seminar in both Aarhus and Copenhagen for several hundred clients and friends. The Trend Seminar is put together annually to help our clients grow and remain relevant in the market and their target audiences. That's why we work intensely - especially within the Data & Insights team - to understand consumer behaviour, lives, and everyday routines to identify their needs. We have analysed data, spoken with experts, and gathered a wealth of insights to offer our predictions for this year's trends.

The Four New Trends

The past few years have seen external circumstances and dramatic events influence the way we view the world and each other. Corona, European war, and "the new normal" have radically changed our values, consumption, and habits. This has caused some consumer trends to recede and others to be amplified. New habits become new opportunities! We have identified 4 trends that brands should consider in their communication.

Trend #1 Decentralize Digital

The conventional customer journey is dead. And it has been for a while. The rebirth is based on surrendering even more control to the consumers: a decentralization in the digital sphere. Consumers are taking charge of their own digital purchasing journey, and they demand that brands keep up; they want to interact with your brand in real-time during live shopping, they are the new circular retailers, and they are already talking about your brand in the metaverse.

With many new and rapidly growing digital channels, brands risk not being able to control their own narrative. The stringent customer journey, with planned touchpoints, will in the future be a decentralized process with room for co-creation, play, and experiences. This trend is the story of the new and growing ways of shopping online. From branded marketplaces to live shopping, and not least "The Metaverse". The common denominators are the consumer-driven experience and active co-creation of content.

We call this trend: Decentralize Digital. Watch the trend film about Decentralize Digital here 👇🏼.

Trend #2 Be Real

Generation “so f######🤬 special”! Meet Gen Z: There are 1 million of them in Denmark – nearly 20% of the total population. They are between 12 and 25 years old, and their mindset is set to shape the future of brands and commerce. They are the first generation of digital natives, accustomed to having everything delivered on-demand and at lightning speed, whether it's movies, news, or clothing. They feel unique and want to be treated as such. Products and solutions should preferably be personalized – and if they include elements of co-creation, even better. Gen Z loves recycling, which is good for the environment and supports them in their quest for the special and unique.

This is a generation that asks critical questions and expects answers from society and brands. They are not satisfied with superficial, celebratory messages. They demand transparency, they seek the truth, and they want to understand. They engage in debate and are accustomed to having a say and being heard. Brands would do well to listen, as they act based on their attitudes towards issues such as the environment, gender debates, and diversity. They expect authenticity from each other, but also from the brands they interact with. So you need to have a stance and live by it: Be Real. Watch the trend film about Be Real here 👇🏼.

Trend #3 Green Mentor

Show the way and don't mislead. 50% of Danes would like to live more sustainably. But 70% can't discern what is sustainable and what isn't. Consumers DO want to. But when there are still companies that greenwash and communicate green sales talk, the confusion only grows. Help the consumers! If you want to win their sustainable hearts, it must be done easily and honestly - and it must be done for their sake. Be the green mentor who guides rather than misleads. But sustainability isn't just about climate and the reduction of CO2 emissions, food waste, microplastics, and waste sorting. The world and society also need social sustainability.

Sustainability in the form of a focus on people, equality, and justice. Here, companies and brands can take a stand and lead the way: Be A Green Mentor!

Watch the trend film about Green Mentor here 👇🏼.

Trend #4 Mind the Mood

The mental health situation in Denmark is really bad. It was poor before, and now it has gotten even worse. That's the brief conclusion of the Danish Health Authority's latest survey on "The Health of the Danes".

With the pandemic, the focus on mental health has received a significant boost forward, and inner well-being is highly prioritized by Danish consumers. The positive aspect is that we are now talking about it, acknowledging the widespread nature of the problem, and it has become less taboo to speak openly about one's challenges.

The pursuit of mental well-being has begun, led by countless new trends and mantras about mindfulness, sleep training to self-indulgence. All different strategies on the path towards a good life. Already in 2017, it was established that Danes associate health with more than just the physical. We want to enjoy life. And today, a full 63% of Danes want to focus more on mental well-being now and in the future.

How can brands support consumers' pursuit of the good life while also sharing in the growing market that revolves around creating value through "feeling good"?

Help consumers take care of themselves and each other: Mind the Mood.

Watch the trend film about Mind the Mood here 👇🏼.

Would you like to hear more about the four trends or book a presentation?

If you would like to book a trend presentation or hear more about trends and our work with target groups and consumer insights, you can contact: Lise Heiselberg, Senior Research Consultant in Data & Insights