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Four consumer trends you need to know in 2024

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What shapes our consumption and habits right now?

Our consumer behaviour is constantly evolving. We live in a world marked by uncertainty and changes - which influences our approach to life and daily routines. This is reflected not only in our media consumption and shopping habits but also in our self-perception and identity. Download our free Trend Report below and learn more about the four trends that are affecting your marketing right now.

Trend #1 Do Not Disturb

Everyday life is digital – to such an extent that we have begun to challenge digitalisation and yearn for a break. But how does your brand reach consumers if they turn off the screen?

Trend #2 Climate Burnout

Climate change is one of our greatest concerns. But it's difficult to live in an eco-friendly way. What can your brand do to assist consumers and secure a place in the hearts of the environmentally conscious?

Trend #3 Golden Generation

We are becoming an increasingly older population. But we don't dial down on life just because our age is increasing – and this places new demands on brands that want to be in tune with the golden generation.

Trend #4 Next Gen Creators

Influencers – creators – are the superstars of our time. And especially the young place great trust in them. How should your brand work with influencers in a future characterized by new niches and AI?

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